We will develop certified meat food production and spread happiness through quality products and services that save consumers time.



We will introduce the benefits of pastoral livestock to the world.

In the year of 2000

“Trust Trade” company was established in the field of sausage and meat production, and foreign and domestic trade. In the first year, we started with a rental equipment, rental factory building, and 6 employees.

In the year of 2003

We built the team of 25 employees and got our very own factory building..

In the year of 2006

We expanded our factory building and built the team of more than 50 employees and generated more than $ 1 billion in sales. In order to meet the demand for pork, the main raw material among the product, Trust Trade established a pig farm and increased the number of pigs from 50 to 2500.

In the year of 2014

The factory that has the capacity of 10 tons of meat per day, started the operation of “Trust Meat” classified meat factory, each with a capacity of 200 tons of 4 refrigerated warehouses which operate at -18 degrees Celsius, 200 tons of thawing room, and 40 tons of deep freezing cellar operates at the temperature of -38 – / – 45 / Celsius.

In the year of 2015

Trust Trade LLC has successfully introduced and implemented HACCP and ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Standards certified by Swiss company SGS since 2015.

In the year of 2019

We expanded and combined the sausage factory building, installed with the equipment of 15 tons of production capacity per day which meet the food industry requirements with a meat processing factory which has the the capacity of 10 tons of meat per day, and started implementing ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and FSSC 22000 Food Safety

In the year of 2020

We successfully launched the ADB funded slaughterhouse project with a capacity of slaughtering 500 large cattle and 1,000 small cattle per day.

Achievements and awards