frequently asked questions

We currently produce smoked, semi-smoked products, jam, semi-finished ready-to-use products.

You can go to our website and select the “Product” menu.

We select the best quality raw materials for producing products and offer the products to our customers.

You can visit our website and see price information from the “Product” menu.

You can go to our website and select the instructions for use from the “Product” menu.

You can buy our finished products from all chain stores and get them delivered directly.

You can place an order on our website and choose the product you want to order, or call 77117502 and choose the product.

Your order will be delivered to you within 24 hours.

E-receipt will be given to individuals and organizations based on the value of the product purchased by the customer.

You can make your payments by cash, by card or by transfering.

Free delivery for making purchases over 50,000 MNT or for ordering sets.

Our factory is located in the 2nd khoroo of Bayanzurkh district on the east of the 805th police building.

You can visit and have a tour in our factory by contacting our Administration office and making a formal request.

If you want to buy our products at the factory price, please make a purchase from Trust Trade LLC’s brand stores that are closest to you.

  1.  Brand store / North of the “Shine dul” complex town along the Sun Road – 99733969 /

  2. Brand store / “Saruul” shopping center located in front of Russian 3rd school – 91181864 /

  3. Brand store / “Tsagdaa” town on the east side of CTMS – 94007502 /

  • Erdenet city branch Address: Building 6-1. Contact phone number: 9411-5766, 9411-9939
  • Dornod branch Address: the branch locates on the north side of 21st building Contact Phone number: 91960006
  • Dornogovi Zamiin-Uud branch Address: 111th building 99002350 
  • Sainshand city, Dornogobi branch Address: New century street “Suvdan Urguu” restaurant, 1st floor, 1st bag of Sainshand city,

  • Zamiin-Uud branch: 111th building, 1st floor, 1st bag of Zamiin-Uud city 96568008